Cranial Sacral

· One Mind Massage

​Cranial Sacral massage is a slow, non-invasive form of bodywork that allows the body to self-correct. Light pressure is applied, no heavier than the weight of a nickel. The focus is on the head, neck, spine, and sacrum. Some of the holds last for a few minutes or longer. These slow, supportive holds encourage a deep state of relaxation where you can heal.

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It can be beneficial for: 



- back pain

-neck pain

- jaw tension

-improving sleep patterns

-decreasing anxiety 

 Cranial sacral is most helpful in a series of six to twelve sessions. Sessions are usualy spaced one or two weeks apart in the begining. Treatment plans are made specificaly for your individual health goals.

(Cranial sacral sessions can be purchased and scheduled as therapeutic sessions in the online store. You can add cranial sacral in the notes at the time of scheduling.)