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      Independently owned and operated, since always.

      Visit on Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. 10am - 6pm.

      Additional Hours are available upon request.

      Sarah Stivers LMT #17441

      Sarah Stivers practice is focused on intuitive, relaxing, light, and restorative bodywork, including the following modalities:

      • cranial sacral
      • therapeutic
      • myofascial
      • grief massage
      • reiki
      • prenatal
      • stress management
      • pain relief
      Sarah graduated from East West College of the Healing Arts in 2010. She worked as an Lmt in a chiropractor's office for two years, primarily helping people recover from auto and work injuries.
      She is currently studying Sowa Rigpa, Tibetan medicine, with the Sorig Institute. Sowa Rigpa is a traditional form of medicine that focuses on balance, herbal remedies, and a healthy lifestyle.
      Sarah is also a painter. You can find her work here:
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    • Covid-19 Safety

      Providing a safe place for you to relax and heal is my top priority. An additional hour is allowed between each session to air out the office thoroughly.


      If you have any covid-19 symptoms, reschedule your session for a later date. Cancelations due to illness are okay! If you have been around any known cases, you will need to schedule for a later date. Stay Healthy!

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      Visit One mind massage at the fine arts building.

      1017 SW Morrison
      suite 306
      Portland, Oregon
      and Wednsdays
      10 am- 6pm
      additional hours available upon request.
      (503) 896-9139
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