• Sleep and Dream Coaching

    A life coach for one of the most essential parts of human health.

  • Quality of Sleep

    Sleep is a unique thing for each person. We work to cultivate your ideal sleep setting and ritual so you can get the most out of your resting hours.



    Dream Recall

    Remembering your dreams is the first step in understanding their content. Some people remember no dreams at all, and some people recall several each night. Wherever you are in this range, bringing focus to dream content can be strengthened and refined.


    These sessions encourage you to find meaning in your dreams. Rather than interpreting and analyzing your dreams for you, these sessions focus on finding common themes and inspirations that are unique to you.

    Coaching vs. Therapy?

    Life coaching is about setting goals and developing specific skills to achieve them. It is not professional therapy or counseling.


    Sleep and dream guidance is an excellent compliment to therapy and counseling. You should seek professional treatment if you are experiencing; anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, and other mental health difficulties. Professional Therapy or Counseling is recommended for everyone!


    Please inquire if you have any questions about how sleep and dream coaching will best benefit you.




    Your dream content holds insight and perspectives about you that can spark growth and positive change. Taking the time to see yourself in a new way. Connect with your intuition to gain new ideas about your endeavors.