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    Relaxing Massage Therapy in Portland, Oregon, since 2013.

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    Independently owned and operated.

    Visit on Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. 10 am - 6 pm.


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    Sarah Stivers LMT #17441

    Sarah Stivers's practice is focused on intuitive, relaxing, light, and restorative bodywork, including the following modalities:

    • cranial sacral
    • therapeutic
    • myofascial
    • grief massage
    • reiki
    • cupping
    • prenatal
    • stress management
    • pain relief

    Sarah graduated from East West College of the Healing Arts in 2010. She worked as an Lmt in a chiropractor's office for two years, helping people recover from auto and work injuries. Sarah graduated from the Sowa Rigpa Counselor Program at the Sorig Institute in 2022. Sowa Rigpa is a traditional form of medicine that focuses on balance, herbal remedies, and a healthy lifestyle.


    Sarah is also a painter. You can find her work here:




  • Sleep and Dream Coaching

    Sessions begining January 2023

  • Covid-19 Safety

    Providing a safe place for you to relax and heal is my top priority. An additional hour is allowed between each session to air out the office thoroughly.


    If you have any covid-19 symptoms, reschedule your session for a later date. Cancelations due to illness are okay! If you have been around any known cases, you will need to schedule for a later date. Stay Healthy!

  • Contact Information

    Visit One mind massage at the fine arts building.

    1017 SW Morrison
    suite 306
    Portland, Oregon
    and Thursdays
    10 am- 6pm
    additional hours available upon request.
    (503) 896-9139
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    Massage and a Plant sale!

    90 minute massage- and a houseplant combo. $140

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    Massage and a Plant Sale!

    90 minute massage and a houseplant combo! $140

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    Massage and a plant sale

    90 minute massage and a houseplant combo. $140

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    Massage and a Plant Sale!

    90 minute massage and a houseplant combo. $140

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    Massage and a plant sale!

    90 minute massage and a houseplant combo. $140

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    Massage and a plant sale!

    90 minute massage and a plant combo! $140

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    a focus on letting go of stress.

    each session is designed for you.

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    Gift Certificates Available

    Purchase any session combination in the online shop as a gift certificate. Request a paper gift certificate by emailing onemindpdx@gmail.com

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    Therapeutic Essential Oils

    High-Quality Vegan Sacred Earth massage lotion is custom blended with unique, natural scents for each session. Essential oils have therapeutic benefits to decrease stress, improve circulation, ease muscle pain, decrease anxiety and improve well-being.

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    Paintings at One Mind Massage are also available at www.sarahstivers.art

  • Grief Massage

    A place to rest and restore.

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    Grief Massage

    Loss is stressful.

    Sarah is certified as a Grief Massage practitioner through the Institute for Grief Massage. Grief can show up in our lives in many ways, resulting from losing a loved one, a change in employment, and sometimes for reasons we don't understand. Grief massage is not talking therapy. It is a way to let go of the tension we hold in the body due to grieving.

    Loss is stressful. Massage helps manage the physical stress that we hold with assisted relaxation. We can be overwhelmed with thoughts and emotions, and massage helps us connect back into our bodies, giving us a chance to rest.


    Grief massage can be very effective in combination with counseling, therapy, and your primary medical treatment.



    Additional Resources

    Connect with Support.

    Crisis line. Text 741741 from anywhere in the USA to text with a trained Crisis Counselor.


    Wendy Robertson, MFT


  • New Prices

    Pricing goes into effect November 3rd, 2022


    Sessions purchased before that are still valid , and do not expire.


    One Hour Massage $110

    90 minute Massage $155

    Two Hour Massage $210


    One Hour Honey Facial Massage $130

    90 Minute Honey Facial Massage $170

    Two Hour Honey Facial Massage $225



    A new 10% discount for cash and check payments will go into effect November 3, 2022.


    Sarah's collection of very relaxing things.

    New! Blog featuring a collection of ideas on Sleep , Dreams and Relaxation